Thursday, July 25, 2024

The unveilled face

To talk about cultural anthropology is to question oneself about ones own cultural roots, trough confrontation with other realities. It is educate our attention to grasp in diversity the forming elements about the idea of “universal man”.

So a human being tied not only to his “scanty”
Social cultural luggage, but open to other cultures, to other expressive techniques, to new languages; creating in this way fertile ground for intercultural.
Formed and permeated, in classical Indian music and dance just like in Contemporary dance and music. The need for exchange in contemporaneity moves us to the breaking of the limits. It is to place our activity in a context of continuous research in growing.
Musical composition and choreography alternate between tradition and modernity. Solos, duets, India and the Western world.
The intertwinements, that are our continuous crossing, stretched towards dialogue, and the interdisciplinary in Art.

Music: Federico Sanesi
Choreography: Nuria Sala Grau
Poetry: Roberto Sanesi

Creation of 2004 performed:
14 January 2004 for the Festival “Il Sogno di una Cosa” La Casa delle Culture e dei Teatri, in Teatro Ridotto di Bologna.
4 march 2004 Al PAC (Museum of Contemporary Art ) in Milan, for the art exhibition of Richard Long and Jivyas S. Mashe.