Thursday, July 25, 2024

The swallow

The last beats of wing in no man’s land.
Metamorphosis, where different arts succeed each other, generation after generation.
The flight, the incessant urgency of departure, incite the eternal cycle to unfold.

In the twilight of the soul pursued by demons, the new form springs unexpectedly, in the light of visions already known and ancestral.
And in the end the finding again of the legacy that was waiting for this return.
An anthromorphous swallow with a rigid livery, will roam about restless in the night infested by demons. At dawn a young girl appears from the dark, where the swallow disappeared.
Memories, ancient wars of the faraway gods, divine fallings in love, and the inevitable return to the landscapes and the fables of childhood, with its is angels and its yellow suns…..

Direction: Augusto Modigliani
Choreography and Dance: Nuria Sala Grau
Dramaturgy and Scenic Direction: Mirella Costa
Music Composed and Played by: Federico Sanesi
Singing : Neela Bhagwat
Idea and Costume: Stefania De Angeli

Production the Video Dance in 2004
XIII Edizione Festival di VideoDanza a Napoli "IL COREOGRAFO ELETTRONICO"
Proiezione dal 8 al 18 maggio 2005 al Videodrome presso Cinema Modernissimo di Napoli