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Migration of gestures and sounds in continuous movement. Cultures that meet thanks to dance and music; crossing between East and West, through art and its universal elements that mingle. A journey, walking across the limits, towards imaginary places.

To dress oneself with the world.
To undress oneself from the world.
To take off one’s own dress, to enter into a more global perception. Beyond the individual to penetrate the world of vision where to comprise is a necessity in order to understand.
To descend from the other slope, to pass to other side of the mirror, to enter the home of poetry.
To listen to manifold voices.

Music Composed and Played by: Federico Sanesi
Choreography and Dance: Nuria Sala Grau
A Poem of Roberto Sanesi “Towards Winter” from “Informed Report”.

Creation of 2003 Selected Performances:
The World Day of Poetry 31- march-2003
On The Mudima Art Foundation, in Milan.
For The Festival “ Suonidelnuovomillenio”
21-march-2003 Sountownd in Turin
Home of Culture and Theatre
Festival 2003-2004 Bologna.