Wednesday, July 24, 2024

With the Whispering of a Chant

The teaming up of Eastern and Western artists and choreographers.
The Performance “ With the whispering of a chant”, is a poetical research between traditional and contemporary aspects that crosses and turns themes and the language of the dance-theater Bharatanatyam into actuality.

Dance is  a  metaphor of nature moving continuously between sounds and gestures that break up and create themselves again, a deep expression of its mysteries. The original sound, space, emptiness, fire and water, breathing, the earth and flight of birds, all beating with a non stop rhythm; therefore doubts and suffering ask Mother nature why they persist.

The artistic direction opens to a collaboration with some of the most important choreographers and dancers of India, Leela Samson and Priyadarsini Govind, for their effort and insight in renovating the tradition of dance-theater Bharatanatyam.

The diverse languages of their body coming out during the improvisation to confront themselves in a creative way. In the choreographic composition new poetical paths are unveiled, thus coloring up the expression of the dancers pushing them beyond their limits, taking inspiration from mythology and universal archetypes.

“Nan Oru Vilaayatu”, originating from Tamil poetry, takes shape from drawings, memories, improvisation and wishes. Leela Samson creates  this choreography intertwining different worlds and visions in which Mother nature has a leading role. It is Nuria’s idea to master three solo performances in which the dancers work on their own creative research, following the musical composition “Drums & Drones” by Federico Sanesi and Werner Durand; one enters a cosmic dimension where secret sounds show up simultaneously. The three solo performances “Emptiness”, empty as transformation, “Ardhanarishvara” a union of the opposites Shiva-Shakti, “Panchabhuta” the expression of the five elements, a choreographic collaboration of Nuria with Priyadarshini Govind; the movement originates from the sound, which is rich of emotion and images. “With the Whispering of a Chant”, a music composition by Anne Marie Turcotte, played by a quintet brass section, explores the sound to its limit; Nuria Sala Grau’s choreography follows its whisper breaking the flow of the movement and shaping it up again. In between,  rhythm,  geometry and  pure dance of Bharatantyam, fill up the space celebrating the joy for dancing.

TRINUR Dance Company: Nuria Sala, Annalisa Deligia, Alessandra Pizza.
Artistic director: Nuria Sala.                                                                          
Choreography: Leela Samson, Priyadharshini Govind, Nuria Sala.
Music: Anne Marie Turcotte, Federico Sanesi, Werner Durand, Anil Srinivasan, Samuel Barber.
Costumes: “Mashalai” by Cinzia Baraldi.
Foto: Parvin Taremi, Nicola Tenani.
Grafica: Annalisa Deligia.

The Performance “With the Whispering of a Chant” debuted in the Festival “Salti di Tono” music, theater, dance, between West and East at the San Clemente Theater in Padua.