Thursday, July 25, 2024

Music that Dances with the Song

During this event rhythm, dance and singing intertwine with one another in order to reach the poetry of life together.

These artists have always aimed to a dialogue between arts and cultures and offer moments that take the viewer into a world of magic through songs of the universe that open up to the mind little by little. The main role is the Tabla--the magical percussion that originated from north India-- together with other world sounds, will create the rhythmic basis through which dancing and singing find their expression. The motioning, the theatrical aspects and dancing, become all one through the Bharatanatyam dance (a jewel of Indian culture) which is considered one of the oldest of all times. Thus meeting songs of different cultures generating a new kind of poetic gesture and motion. The songs (ranging from India to Spain, from Italy to Iran, From Tibet to Mongolia to Kurdistan….) change from one to the other, blending into one sole poetic feeling. Words coming from different language sources wish to recall that common words bring light to the heart.

Federico Sanesi: Tabla, electronic, percussions
Germana Gianini: Singing
Nuria Sala Grau: Dance

That proget has been created to pay homage to the intercultural challenge of  Raimon Panikkar Philosopher and Theologian, Professor Emeritus, in the meeting held in Venice. The first presentation it was the 6 Mai of  2008, in Chiesa dei Frari, with the Performance “ Music taht Dances with the Song” with Germana Giannini, Federico Sanesi e Nuria Sala Grau..

14 Aprile -2010 Spettacolo “Musica e Canto si Intrecciano Danzando con la Parola” per la presentazione del libro “Vita e Parola” La mia Opera di Raimon Panikkar, con Germana Giannini, Federico Sanesi , Neela Bhagwat e Nuria Sala, nel Teatro San Fedele a Milano.

25 Aprile-2010 in Spagna Spettacolo “ La Musica que Dansa en el Cant”, dedicato a Raimon Pannikkar, nella Església Santa Maria de Cadaqués, con Germana Nannini il suo gruppo di cantori e Nuria Sala a la danza.

26 Aprile-2010 in Spagna Spettacolo “La Muisca que Dansa en el Cant” nel Centro Vivarium di Tavertet, casa e centro di ricerca di Raimon Panikkar, con Germana Giannini e il suo gruppo di cantori, Nuria Sala la danza.