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An encounter between two dancers and two musicians, weaving a tapestry of gestures and sounds in an intercultural journey in which East and West meet.
Poetry in contiunuos evolution towards imaginary hybrid places,overcoming set boundaries.

From Classical Indian music and dance to Jazz and Contemporary music and dance. Structure and improvisation, layered languages, mysterious and unpredictable patterns create a dialogue between sound and movement and a two-way”crossing” between the past and the present.

Crossing is a performance of dance and music. The quartet onstage is composed of two dancers:Maresa Moglia, Nuria sala Grau and two musicians: Federico Sanesi, Paolino Dalla Porta.
Crossing is a creation that arises from a significant exchange of experiences between languages and cultures.

Images deriving from myths and stories of creation, the hatching of the cosmic egg, the birth of the Moon, a magical escape, the ritual aspect of Indian music and dance.

From a primordial environment where Music leads to a dense and magmatic space, Dance will slowly and ironically proceed to reality, two forms of expression that take form.

Pauses, arrivals, rituals: Indian dance with its geometic precision and aesthetics exchanges its structure with the barely codified gestures of Contemporary Dance, in a form where expression, dance and gesture are confused.

Tradition and contemporaneity, millenary and newly born gestures are layered in this uninterupted dialogue,an exchange that amplifies the quality of both and enriches today’s inevitable crossings with humor.

Federico Sanesi on Tabla, Mrudangam and percussions, Paolino Dalla Porta on Double bass: two noteworthy musicians weave a precise,refined musical design, creating sound spaces for dance and with dance.

Nuria Sala Grau and Maresa Moglia, talented and versatile dancers, play with the passage between Bharata Natyam and Contemporary Dance, by separating, overlapping and connecting the two techniques.

The expanded vision of an experiment that the dancers and mucsicians have evolved over the years, utilizing a free language in order to express their fascination with this exchange, our “crossing”.

Percussioni del nord-sud india, Tabla, Mrudangam, Batteria, Contrabbasso
Choreography and Dance:
Nuria Sala Grau
Maresa Moglia
Bharata Natyam (classical indian dance theater) and Contemporary dance

Music: Federico Sanesi, Paolino Dalla Porta
North and south Indian Percussion, Tabla, Mrudangam, Drums, Double bass.

Creation of 2003 Performed:
ADDA DANZA 8° Festival National ed International of Dance, 12 july of 2003.
7° Festival International of Music, Dance, Cinema and Theater, In Carloforte, 5 September of 2003.
7° FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL OF DANCE in Brescia, 20 march 2004.