Thursday, July 25, 2024

Steps of contagion

Encounter between dance and visual art
The leading line of the work is the concept of Contagion.
The objects on stage are: a totem, a heap of stones, a large gilded frame diagonally dividing the space.

These three objects supply images of opposing signs.
The choreography expresses itself by means of lines and the geometric rigor of the classic Bharatanatyam Indian dance, which is brought into a dialogue with the organic immediacy of contemporary dance.
The dancer wears a double-face costume, organic on one side and geometric on the other.
The gilded frame divides the stage space.
The movement between the worlds on either side creates a third location where contagion happens.
The play opens on fixed elements faithful to their codes.
Suddenly a transformation of their identity takes place.
The distance between stones and totem is overrun by a game of superimpositions, exchange and continuous movements set by the dancer, widening and mixing the angles, thus offering a vision of perpetual mutation.
The attraction between poles seems to fail here, while dynamics overcome the exposed limits, and in this third place the meeting, the plot are born, creating, through action, new ties and contagions.

Installation by Fausta Squatriti
Choreography and dance by Nuria Sala Grau
Costumes by Fausta Squatriti and Nuria Sala Grau
Music by Federico Sanesi

Creation of 2004 Performed:
21 march 2004 for Foundation Mudima di Milan, during The World Day of Poetry.